About A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step

I am a mother of 3, devoted wife , business professional, Student of life and Teacher.

I am 10 year cancer survivor.

I have chosen to take that experience and turn it into something amazing, to share my story, to be an example of triumph an possibility , to be vulnerable and honest so others will ask themselves:

“What is possible in my life if I am willing to do the work and make a commitment to myself. What are my limiting beliefs that are preventing me from achieving my personal greatness?”

In 2016, I completed by training in 2016 through Power Yoga Canada an I have continued to learn and develop as a teacher and student within the community in which I work and play. Since then I have completed Trauma Sensitive Training, Yin Training, and Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga. I also teach corporate yoga.

I am passionate about bringing yoga into the world, whether it is to sports teams, under serviced communities or into the corporate world.

I believe that this practice and community is for everyone, regardless of age, size, or level of ability.

My goal is to inspire my students to cultivate balance, ease, health, wellness and a deep sense of love for themselves, others and the planet. Through the practice of yoga, meditation and inquiry, I help others to realize their truth and what is possible and available for them.

Some of My Clients:

Elite Athletes – Oakville Hornets
Corporate – Bank of Montreal

Some of My Partners:

Power Yoga Canada
Camp Yoga
Bank of Montreal
Kinetic Physiotherapy


  • Years Training


  • Certifications

    200 Hour Trained Yoga Teacher
    Trauma Sensitive Training
    Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga
    Yin Yoga
    Baptiste Level 1 Journey into Power

  • Where to Find Me

    Power Yoga Canada
    Wynn Fitness
    In-Home Sessions (Private and Semi Private)

  • Services

    Group Facilitation

  • Values

    Love – for oneself and for others

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“Be a Yes”

This is NOT about saying “Yes” to anything and everything that comes your way. In fact, the power of saying “No” at times is a key element of being a yes to your life and a way to empower others to take charge of their lives.

Being a yes is showing up at 110% every day to everything no matter how awful it may be, whether it’s a trip to the dentist for a root canal or a difficult conversation with a friend. There are many times each day that each one of us faces unpleasant things or people that we must face. The easy way out is to run away. And many people do, never facing their deepest fears, insecurities and weaknesses. Baptiste Yoga teaches us to face the uncomfortable with comfort and to find ease in the dis-ease. Through this methodology we turn failure into fortune.

On our mats, we find our inner “Yes” in Tadasana (Mountain Pose). This is our Truest North. We root down through our feet, grounded into the earth, shine up through our hearts and heads, gazing softly forward. We are attentive and relaxed; alert and at ease, all at the same time. Ready for anything. When we move from our physical mats to our “mats” beyond the studio door, carry this attentive ease with you.

In your power, in your inner “Yes”, empower each and every person you encounter. Share the love. Be the love. Be the Yes that you are.

1. Physical (Asana)

Journey into Power as an access to vitality, power & freedom

2. Meditation (Dhyana)

As an access to getting present & awakening

3. Inquiry (Niyama)

As an access to discovery & new possibility

Pick a class and let’s get started!

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I've worked with everyone from elite athletes (Oakville Hornets) to corporate leaders (Bank of Montreal) and I offer both private and group classes. Regardless of your level of experience, your age, your size or your background, this is for you. All you need is an open mind, an open heart and a desire get up to something bigger by being a YES in your life.
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Her ability to give space for students – rather than fill the silence with chatter – allows the students to focus on their individual intentions during practice.

- Gwen